Attivo Netwoks

Attivo Networks®, the leader in deception technology, provides an active defense for early detection, forensics, and automated incident   response   to   in-network   attacks.  The   Attivo  ThreatDefend™   Deception   Platform   provides   a   comprehensive   and customerproven platform for proactive security and accurate threat detection within user networks, data centers, clouds, and a wide variety of specialized attack surfaces. The portfolio includes expansive network, endpoint, application, and data deceptions designed  to  efficiently  misdirect  and  reveal  attacks  from  all  threat  vectors

Deception Technology

Deception technology provides the innovation required to non-disruptively evolve to an Active Defense security posture. By deploying a fabric of deception-based detection throughout the network stack, companies can achieve efficient detection for every threat vector in the lifecycle of an attack.

The attivo networks solution

The ThreatDefend™ Deception and Response Platform turns the entire network into a trap, forcing the attacker to be right 100% of the time or risk discovery. The solution combines network and endpoint high-interaction deception lures and decoys designed to provide early visibility into in-network threats, efficient continuous threat management, and accelerated incident response.  

Deception for Detection and Attack Path Visibility
The ThreatDefend Deception and Response Platform provides unparalleled visibility into threats inside the network and attacker lateral movements and tactics. The platform detects advanced threats propagating throughout the network by laying strategic decoys and lures to deceive, detect, and defend against attacks as they scan network clients, servers, and services for targets and seek to harvest credentials

Deception for Active Defense and Accelerated Incident Response

In addition to the early detection of attackers inside the network, the ThreatDefend Platform’s actionable alerts, automated analysis, and native integrations for incident handling work collectively to dramatically improve a responder’s time-to-remediation. When an attacker engages with a deception decoy, credentials, application, or data, the engagement server will record and alert on the activity while simultaneously responding to the attacker. The activity is consolidated in the Informer dashboard, which assembles forensics, correlates events, and raises idence-based alerts on malicious activity


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